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Friday, 29 June 2012

Heart #2

Cliche words "I'm sorry" but deeply meaning to me. Apologizing makes the world a nicer place. No matter how much two people love each other, doesn't mean apology isn't ever needed right? I know well guys, if you love someone effing much,how bad he/she hurt you, you may say "no matter how badly he/she is..I still do love him/her and do always apologized her/his offences eventhough he/she cheats on me all the time''. Oh no! I'm trapped! I have been on this situation. Sometimes my heart whispering " U deserve better''.
I want to move on but I just can't cos I'm still in love with him and I can't believe that after all what he did to me ...I still want him back. I know where I stand and pretty sure the decision I made. :) 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Heart #1

Sometimes I keep wondering what people may judge about me. Tapi sampai bila kita nak hidup berkiblatkan pandangan orang. I try to smile peeps but I feel worse somehow like something is dying inside of me. I'm just cant deal with it anymore. I have few close bestfriends,but I am not d one who barring my soul to talk to em'. For me,it's too personal to share about n sedikit sebanyak akan mengaibkan peribadi seseorang. The only way is try to be strong and patient. :)


#Semoga ada sinar mentari untuk aku keesokan harinya.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Further my Masters Degree maybe


Apparently,I keep thinking to further my master but yet no conclusion has been made. It was 3rd time if not mistaken UiTM offering of pursuing masters degree in science (by research). Besides me, some of my X-classmates aso got the offer. DANG! Dulu wat FYP pun asik merungut start dari proposal sampai ke thesis. Skang kau nak sambung plak meen! Mampu? Hewhewhew! =.=''

Some questions were running in ma mind :

The purpose of obtaining master degree?
Am I tough or even strong enough facing harder problems ahead ?
What kind of job related to me if i had a nice scroll of master? :P
I need 2 years peeps to finish all of it and can u imagine at that time am 26 years old. (quite old already) :(

Thing is,I could't adapt with working environment, for me such a bored surround perhaps cos i have to face routine in everyday from 9am-5pm. Lil bit awkward for me have to stay longer if i have to finish work given. As a support operation executive i need to sacrifice my time even my holidays if company need me n compulsory to do so cos i was categorize in executive level. So it a must! Owh! What a messy world! Do hate commitment. Freedom for me was during my studies at UiTM, the moments stick out most vividly in ma mind. :D

The other problem is my dad keep asking me when am going to further master..Dang! He wants me to be a lecturer n often remind me education is the only high paying job and more leisure time. LOL. I know right! He might think i haven't had virtually no real leisure time to myself. HAHA!

Perhaps i have to think deeply pro n contra in making a tough choice. All bout my life am so worried if did make a wrong decision in future. Gosh~ letting go this feeling away. Tak nak pk..t tak leh enjoy. Hee.

Okay guys.. Thanks for reading. I just wanna share my feeling and dilemma! Continuing my work..Bye~

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My thesis published on google :)


Hye peeps..Terasa bangga sekejap bila thesis yang kita wat susah payah during final year project ade di published kan kat google. The title of my thesis is 'COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PUMPKIN AND CARROT ON BREAD'.

Camne leh tau eh? Kat office kan..bosan2 camni saje la kan mengatal taip nama sendiri kat google. Ape lagi, tengok2 ade tajuk thesis i kua. Tapi tak la penuh kan 1 buku siap ngan result n discussion kan..Memang nak kena hempuk la kan, cos mane tau de orang leh copy paste jer result i sume.Walaupun de gak few results yang i tengok reference from other Universities. Hewhewhew :P

Ni plak second link.

Tak tau la cmne nak copy paste dari PDF format terus nampak pic bila tengok kat blog. So i cume leh bagi link jela. (Buta IT sangat) LOL.

Kalo nak rewind la pengalaman wat FYP ni.Owh..Sangat la penat. Bayangkan sampai mouse pad lappy i sampai rosak sebab gigih sangat nak siapkan thesis n prepare untuk presentation bagai..HAHA! Senyum sorang2 bila ingat balik susah payah time study dulu. Best tau. Bila dah kerja nie, kita akan merindui saat2 time kat U dulu. Nakal, selalu datang lambat,skip class, meniru time test n quiz n mcm2 lagi la. Huahua. Budus~ Teruk giler perangai ko meen!

Special thanks to my supervisor Dr Cheow Chong Seng yang teramat sporting. Supervisor yang sangat selumber n yang paling penting x cerewet langsung compared to other lecturers. Walaupun tak dapat anugerah thesis terbaik pon. At least dapat A pun dah good enough. (Bangga sekejap sambil hidung kembang) :D

Ok bye guys..For those yang bertungkus lumus in final sem skang. Just nak wish wat yang terbaik utk FYP anda ok.:)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Salam back peeps. Excited giler setelah sekian kurun tak update blog. 5 bulan ok. Banyak sangat benda yang berlaku dalam jangka msa tuh kan. Even akaun nuffnang pon x b'check, ntah bpe sen gak nye.HAHA!

This is new me.currently working in management for Orchid Bistro Sdn. Bhd. as support operation executive. Phews~ kira skang dah leh merasa pegang duit sendiri la kan. Bila end of month mesti excited cos nak dapat gaji, n time tuh mula la usha kan nak shopping ape. Tengah bulan nanti tengok la mula la wat muka berkerut cam cekodok kan sebab duit dah tinggal sikit. LOL. Hidup orang boros memang camni..lalala~

Now am staying at Kota Damansara n paling best dapat housemates yang rajin masak. Hewhewhew! Gemok la ko camni Meen! I masak gak okay.Jangan pandang sinis la kan. :P

I start kerja pon time bulan 3 hari tuh. Starting with customer service executive Celcom in 1 month ++. Best kerja situ cos kwn2 ramai n sangat friendly. Greatly thing is we were working as teamwork and ramai peminat kat sana. HAHA!Gatal mode!:P   Then i got offered from Quantum Supplies Sdn Bhd. as food technologist which related to my field course. Merupakan kilang chocolate bumiputra, kebanyakan choc lebih kepada export ke overseas. That why choc kat situ yummilicious. Tiap2 hari makan choc, sampai naik muak, choc cadbaury memang x pandang dah time tuh.LOL :P

Bila dah ada sikap tamak tuh, mula la pantang dapat offer lain n salary yang lagi tinggi, tukar ke tempat lain kan walaupun kat sana hari2 dapat choc free. HAHA!

Even baru seminggu kerja kat sini, oklah la, my job is more towards to HALAL implementation. Kira macam halal exec la. Kena call suppliers la untuk dapatkan halal certificate dari ramuan yang mereka supplied kat restaurant. Yang paling penting i enjoy travel to outlet, yela kan..orang jenis suka berjalan cam i nie.. memang tak suka la kan asik terperap je kat office. Hihi. Tapi kan environment office kat sini buhsan la u'olls.. workaholic tol..wat hal masing2. Yang paling tak leh blah terus jadi pendiam kat sini. Bayangkan orang banyak mulut cam aku nie leh jadi pendiam.Ajaib kot! Huh!=.=''
Hope leh bertahan lama la kan kerja kat sini..~phewss~ penat kot asik tkr2 kerja jer. :(

This is new me :)

camwhoring everywhere. Hehe

Taken at Genting

At Cheras. Housemate tunang n i jadi mak andam die. For part time boleh la,Sapa nak tunang leh book i ok :P

Psst~ Ok guys. I nak sambung wat kerja. HAHA. kerja i dah siap okay. Tue yang leh update blog kat office kan. :D

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