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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Don't chase boys!

Salam Ramadhan guys..

STOP CHASING BOYS!! Seem like a bad warning to girls..yes! Frankly is..It was! I wonder why girls nowadays like "perigi mencari timba'. Get on peeps, don't ever easily push the button for someone that you had been smitten with, and absolutely he's a way of intriguing guy to dream off..does he?

When really into someone, don't display too much in-your-face flirting by looking at him in triangular pattern to sizing him up.Quite embarrassed peeps once he catched u up when u are staring at him.Somehow being stuck up attitude must have for certain situation, give off less subtle signals is more than enough. You have to :)

For me, I wanna guy who loves me, accept me as who I am. Be who you are, just perfect. When a guy attracted to you, fall so madly in love with you, trust me! He's d one who is going to chase you. The only thing have to do is BE PATIENT :)

Not pretty enough as all other girls is not kinda reason for you to chase boys. Beauty is not defined by outward appearance but deeply inside in your heart. Say NO to SELF ESTEEM :)

Don't ever nudging yourself or make inconsequential contact to people you smitten with physically like plucking loose thread at his sleeve, self touching in order to give off d hint to woo you! =.=''

Be who you are, looking for truly relationship, and focus on being happy with yourself. Thankful what you already have, that perfectly well though :)

psst~~ All bout my opinion and perception. No offences to others, For me..girls must defend their honor by avoid for being  'terhegeh2 n tergedik2' one. :)



dilladoodledat said...

true love will come eventually :>

SimplySeoul said...

Be a composed person. Stay mysterious :)

Dewi Aja said...

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