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Friday, 22 June 2012

Further my Masters Degree maybe


Apparently,I keep thinking to further my master but yet no conclusion has been made. It was 3rd time if not mistaken UiTM offering of pursuing masters degree in science (by research). Besides me, some of my X-classmates aso got the offer. DANG! Dulu wat FYP pun asik merungut start dari proposal sampai ke thesis. Skang kau nak sambung plak meen! Mampu? Hewhewhew! =.=''

Some questions were running in ma mind :

The purpose of obtaining master degree?
Am I tough or even strong enough facing harder problems ahead ?
What kind of job related to me if i had a nice scroll of master? :P
I need 2 years peeps to finish all of it and can u imagine at that time am 26 years old. (quite old already) :(

Thing is,I could't adapt with working environment, for me such a bored surround perhaps cos i have to face routine in everyday from 9am-5pm. Lil bit awkward for me have to stay longer if i have to finish work given. As a support operation executive i need to sacrifice my time even my holidays if company need me n compulsory to do so cos i was categorize in executive level. So it a must! Owh! What a messy world! Do hate commitment. Freedom for me was during my studies at UiTM, the moments stick out most vividly in ma mind. :D

The other problem is my dad keep asking me when am going to further master..Dang! He wants me to be a lecturer n often remind me education is the only high paying job and more leisure time. LOL. I know right! He might think i haven't had virtually no real leisure time to myself. HAHA!

Perhaps i have to think deeply pro n contra in making a tough choice. All bout my life am so worried if did make a wrong decision in future. Gosh~ letting go this feeling away. Tak nak pk..t tak leh enjoy. Hee.

Okay guys.. Thanks for reading. I just wanna share my feeling and dilemma! Continuing my work..Bye~


SimplySeoul said...

i used to work before and now i'm furthering my study. personally, studying is way more fun. you have more freedom, it's stressful but at least you are not caught up with the boring routine. altho i'm quite old compare to my coursemate but it's okay, i take my time to enjoy my study life :). but still it's your choice, take your time...

nadia said...

Master nxt year, InshaAllah. Ill take tpm.

nadia said...

Master nxt year, InshaAllah. Ill take tpm.

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

Thnkz for shring ur xperience.defntely either working o stdying,both need huge sacrifce n frankly is,i was enjoyed during my student life. Much time needed to think deeply.

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

nadia : prog tpm not avaible snce last year. If i furtherin stdy.upm is more prfrble to me :)

SYAH'IZZAT said...

kerja, rezeki di mana2. stdy, buat yg termampu and terbaik. so, ask yourself. hehehehe gudluck in ur future! :p

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