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Friday, 30 September 2011

My pamphlet - Food Around the World


Hye guys, thank you damn much be my followers, as newbie (4 months) in blogging field I'm so happy have 256 followers @ friends (so far) as well even I'm not expert in writing though. Hehe :P
Perhaps I could have 1000 followers in 1 year..( Perasan ) *.*

Okay then, I'm going participate in Gorius Food Globe Pamphlet Competition. So weird  when I decide to involve this competition, cos whatever competition held around in faculty I never bother before. HAHA. This competition is organized by my course which is PERTEMA ( Persatuan Teknologi Makanan) in Carnival of Science and Technology.

I'm only involve in pamphlet competition, more than enough to me. So many things to do like shopping, hangging out, and facebooking besides doing this pamphlet and I took 3 days to finished it out!HAHA!:D

typing error 2001 = 2011 , plague = plaque.. Blame to people who made this error.  Haha

Psst ~ wish me luck guys, sorry, I can't upload my pamphlet, cos in microsoft publisher format, haha! don't know how to change it. aduyaya!

Bye ~

Saturday, 24 September 2011

My brother's convocation :)

Last saturday, I attended my lil bro convo at PICC, Putrajaya. He already completed his diploma in Mechatronic in Penang. It was my first time okay entered PICC, it was cool, futuristic designing. Fine, no wonder la kan temapat nie jadi persidangan antarabangsa. :)

Somehow,I think of myself, how do they imagine to amazement design of particular building as well? Maybe I'm not creative though to imagine such that..HAHA! 

Some moments there, congrats to him.. ^.^

Scenery from the top ^.^

My parents - We had breakfast at cafe there

It is me!! lalala~ I'm so bored waiting outside dewan okay

My lil bro with dad..His figure look besar bila pakai jubah tue.HAHA

Cheesecakes plzz :)

Congrats to him :)

Psst ~~ I can't wait mine convocation next year. It would my second convo, the first one was during my diploma. How great feeling guys at time you receiving the scroll from vice counselor, no other words come across in your mind that time unless thankful, and pretty awesome. Hehe! By next year, no more class to attend. I will be missing my food technologists friends...-friends forever guys-

Bye and take care :)

Monday, 12 September 2011

Semester break is over...!!

Assalamualaikum peeps..

Owh no..semester break dah tamat! 4 months vacation has now now you have to focus in study! Lagipun dah semester akhir nie kan, thesis lagi..Urrgh! Bile sentuh bab thesis mesti migrain! Huh! I wish that I could get at least 3.5 in my final exam! :)

Wah..harap2 sem nie I rajin study..Haha! Cam semester sebelum2 nie, asik merayau jela..G sana sini. Pantang ade sales, muka nie la yang dok mengadap shopping mall tuh~ Haha! Keta ade, pe susah kan, start enjin then sampai la destinasi tuh! :P
Anyway, I miss my X-housemates, really missing suasana bising kat umah sewa! :) Now I'm living umah sewa yang baru. 3 bulan jer.. Lgpun time exam nanti I akan ulang alik Seremban as previous semesters!

Guys, pray for my success in this sem and I pray myself  that Allah shall direct my path unto success, this is my final sem..perhaps that I grad with flying colours! Second upper class is good enough for me! :)

Psst ~~ Guess where I am right now? Haha! I kat Seremban lagi okay, mesti sume org dah balik hari nie kan cos esok kan dah start class! Tapi di sebab kan sok kelas I cume 1 je..So I decide tak nak datang! Meen..first class you da skip..HAHA! It's okay la guys, slalunya first class ne start blaja lagi o lecturer mesti tak masuk class! :P  hari selasa nanti I datang la, direct from Seremban- Shah Alam okay :D

Bye guys, blja rajin2 tau ...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Such a picky eater =.=

Assalamualaikum guys..

Selamat berkunjung ke umah2 open house. Kire this month boleh saving la duit makan kan for those yang kaki makan luar. Haha!Yes..lot of varieties makanan yang di hidangkan termasuk jenis2 kuih raya. :)

I admit that I love food so much and love eating too, but the problem is I'm very picky eater. I have been a picky eater all my life I think, some of you might say 'you wanna lose weight, that why you may fussy whatever you eat' ..Owh no..I'm not kind of that! Actually, I try to force myself to eat anything I don't want to, badly I had vomiting all of sudden :(

During Hari Raya.. I just eating chocolate rice cookies, almond london, kerepek2, cornflakes and peanut cookies! That all ! Kalo ade batang buruk, tart nenas, suji n pape jela kuih yang berwarna putih..I tak kan sentuh sama sekali! Hm..don't know why, maybe dah set in mind kuih2 jenis cam tue tak sedap.
Bab juadah plak, I tak kan usik lemang dan  rendang daging. lemang wajib ok bila time raya, tapi bukan tekak nie..Haishh! Sangat rugi kan orang cm I. Huu :(

Bab kek plak, pilihan I kat secret recipe, tapi itu pon selective gak, I akan makan kek yang ade chocolate jer. Haha! Kalo kek tue tak salut ngan coklat, jangan harap mate nie akan pandang..So boring right?

Whatever it is, I still hepy even  I'm not foodventurous enough to try some of weird foods. I don't even care to find a way to get over my foodie habits. Haha! :P

Psst ~~ I'm just picky..not pickiest person okay..But sometimes bile b'kunjung ke umah orang, I akan rasa segan bila tak makan makanan yang di hidangkan. Selalu air jadi masalah, I tak suka minum air teh (teh O n teh tarik ) tapi tue la minuman yang selalu di hidangkan untuk tetamu kan? Haha! Sangat susahkan org bile terpaksa wat minuman lain khas untuk I :D

K..Bye. Take care

Monday, 5 September 2011

Eid ul Fitri 2011

Assalamualaikum everyone...

Hye..Salam eid Mubarak..Alahai..Tahun nie x dapat banyak sangat la duit rye la..Haha! Supposedly makin besar mesti makin banyak wit rye kan..Huhu!:P

Bab juadah plak..tak yah cakap la kan, even still on diet mode tapi makan macam2 gak. Urghh! All these foods remind my weight gained! :(  Perhaps next week I could peace out lake garden. I dah sebulan okay x jogging, workout plak da seminggu tak buat. Haha!

The fact is time raye nie la de kesempatan dapat berjumpa ngan sedara mara, kawan2 lama. But sadly, yesterday is my reunion tapi tak dapat join sekali. Tapi tak pelah, semalam dapat jumpa my besties time skul menengah dulu, jumpa pon setahun sekali kan, mesti la havoc kan bile dah jumpa tuh.. ardy miss u guys..Hope we could meet  next eid  :)

Cheesecake :D

First raya - kat kampung

With my sedara mara..Tapi time ni my parents n 2 org adik laki ziarah kubur.. So x de pic diorang :(

My brothers
With my lil sis

My sedara yang chinese pon memang same2 join meraikan Hari rya.

Second Hari Rya - Ready made kebaya from Indonesia..tpi seksa sgt okay pki kain duyung. Sangat sopan la kan bile berjalan n  last2 terkoyak sikit kain tuh I kejekan! Haha!

My best friends since secondary skul :)

Kami di rumah Hidayah ( tudung hitam kanan ). Die pakai shirt jer..tue yang kdudukan die tersorok sikit. Haha!

We love camera...especially dslr..Haha! :P

Psst ~~ Mesti sok ramai yang  dah start blaja n  keje selepas cuti raya kan? Rase cam lucky plak bile I still de lagi cuti seminggu before masuk sem baru. Jangan jeles tau :P Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya. Jangan lupa puasa 6 tau. :)

Bye n take care peeps..

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