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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Jang geun suk ^_^

Hye guys... ^_^

Don't know why tonight I wanna talk bout this guy, Jang Geun Suk ( JGS ). Maybe sebab baru habis tengok Mary stayed out all night ( Marry me, Mary! ) kot. HAHA! Aura JGS masih terasa okay walaupun dah 2 minggu dah habis tengok cite nie..Hehe :P

For those yang belum layan lagi. Di persilakan la! Sangat best walaupun mata lebih terarah ke muka JGS. Ahakz! He's really catching my eyes and taking my heart too! ( wah! over acting lak. Tak pasal2 kena luku pale ngan my bf t ) Haha! O.O 

Feel free hear this song? The tittle is Hello Hello which is Marry me, Mary ost :)  Best tau suara die..Haha! :P

Psst ~ Tadi tengok K-pop talent kt Hitz tv. Not bad gak le! Sangat ramai yang terpengaruh ngan Korea nie eh? Hehe! Same goes to me. Sampai kan fashion pon mesti nak nampak korean look. Am I? Haha! Itu hak masing2 dalam b'fesyen kan cos dari dulu saya memang minat fashion from Korea and Japan! The fashion trends come out from there awesome and stylish. ^_^

Friday, 22 July 2011

Takut nye..Hiissh!

Assalamualaikum to everyone.

Tonight I wanna share with all of you guys pasal pic nie ( ngeri kan? ) :

Air dalam botol plastik di dlm kereta anda, sangatlah berbahaya.

Dengan cara inilah Sheryl Crow mengalami kanser payudara. Dia tampil di acara Ellen show dan mengatakan hal yang sama persis. Hal ini telah diidentifikasikan sebagai penyebab paling utama pada kanser payudara, terutama di Australia ...

Seorang teman yang ibunya didiagnosa mengidap kanser payudara baru-baru ini.
Doktor berkata : wanita tidak boleh meminum minuman yang sudah lama berada di dalam Kereta. Doktor berkata bahwa hawa panas yang memanaskan bahan plastik dalam botol memiliki bahan kimia tertentu yang dapat menyebabkan kanser payudara. Jadi tolong berhati-hatilah dan jangan minum air dalam botol plastik yang sudah ditinggalkan di dalam Kereta, dan kirimkan ke teman-teman wanita Anda.

seperti ini sangatlah kita perlukan dan kita harus berhati-hati, dan mungkin akan menyelamatkan hidup kita. Hawa panas dapat menyebabkan toksin/racun dari plastik menjadi bocor dan bercampur dengan air dan mereka telah menemukan racun ini pada jaringan payudara. Sebisa mungkin gunakan gelas stainless steel atau botol kaca. 

pssst ~ artikel di ats copy paste note dari pic tue tau. Ayat malay saya bukan begitu 'ngoman' nye! Hehe! Anyway, for gurls out there, be careful okay! Ikut pe saya belajar in my course - food toxicology, botol mineral memang sngat bhaya when exposed to high temperature ( chemical will react ) and also disposal ( affecting the environment ).

Jangan ingat botol mineral jer okay, polystyrene also have same effect. Kalo beli makanan, kan bungkus gune polystyrene kn? Hm..pikir2 kan la eh korang! Nasi  dan lauk pauk yang panas2 letak dalam polystyrene. Fyi.. polystyrene's chemical also will react when expose to high temperature okay. Jangan selalu gune la. 

Untuk benda2 macam nie, effects tue are more towards to cancer and effect die pun for the long term. So be careful okay! Who knows what could happen right. 

Bye guys. My advice - Learns bout chemical around you and be careful of what you do :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Floria Putrajaya 2011 - Roses are forever -

Fuhh ~ Long time not write! Berhabuk blog nie! Hehe!

Guys.. Did you notice of events at Putrajaya? Owh. I really looking forward all activities events at there since I already went Hot air balloons couples months ago! Nak wat camne kan, kat Seremban tak de interested event macam nie sume. Huhu!

Last Saturday ( 16/ 7 ) I went to Floria which is theme for this year is ' Roses are forever'. What can I say of Floria Putrajaya is awesome. Flowers are everywhere and good smell. I think I was falling in love untuk tanam pokok bunga! HAHA! :P ( Hope so ).

For those who missed this year, you might go for next year cos this event is held every year okay! :)

Some of moments there :

Forever  ^_^

May I have this kind of garden on my desire patio? Hehe :)

^ _^

These roses impressed me as much as other roses I saw.

Creative kan? Sangat cantik :)
Pretty cool right? auuww! :)
Pretty awesome! ^_^

I wish I could have this pelamin exactly as pic ^_^

                                                        's me! HAHA

                                                              Am  I looking fat? sigh~

                                                                 Flowers all around me :P

                                                        n my bf  ^_^

                                               Thanks for the cactus and roses..haha :)

                                                 Credit to my bf for taking this pic well :)

 psst ~~ I love roses cos they appeal to all of the senses! ( jiwangs )  but doesn't mean I admire Guns n Roses band too! Haha! :P

Bye peeps~ Have a good day! ^_^

Monday, 4 July 2011

Are you a pear or an apple ??

Hye peeps..My first entry on July is about pear or apple shape (continue of last entry ). Okay, let me asking you. Which of the two basic female do you have? 

I admit that I have pear shape cos majority of fats will goes to thighs! HAHA! I think the big problem for pear- shaped women is any fat we eat that don't immediately need for energy is stored immediately ''on the hips'' ! HUH! :(

Fyi..Body shape determine your health and the way how you lose weight. Okay, hold on. For those that are not sure whether you are an "apple" or a "pear" . Let's find out by figuring out your waist-to-hip-ratio (WHR). 

Such a simple calculation okay.. Take a measurement tape and do 2 measurements :
  1. your waist circumference, about one inch above your navel
  2. your hip circumference, around your widest area of your lower body
Hold the tape loosely, without applying pressure on your skin and stand up straight, relaxed and without sucking in your tummy.

Next, divide your waist number by your hip number.
If the result is 0.8 or lower, you have a pear shape body
If the result is bigger than 0.8, you have an apple body shape

Let me simplify :
Pear shape body - Metabolic rate is lower and any excess fat is directly under the skin ( subcutaneous fat ). Moreover, great frustration mostly around  buttocks, hips, and thighs. ( Huh! pity on me =_=" )

Apple body shape - Excess fat is mainly around breast and waist which is deep in the body. This abnormal fat surrounds internal organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, and intestine which generating of health risk. Beware okay!

Do you find there is a difference?

Pear shaped vs apple shaped. Who loses faster? What do think guys??

By my side.. I have no idea at all. Based on my experiences, I'm a pear, so that my body tend to gain weight in the hips or thighs first, and that's the last place I'll lose it! I think for those an apple shape which tend to gain weight around the middle first and that's the last place they'll lose it. Normally, the first place you gain is the last place you lose ! Haha! :) Thumbs up!

Psst ~ Bukti nya. Even skang I lost my weight. Thighs I still look fat okay. Sangat degil! HUH! Nak kaki kurus macam Nasha Aziz! HAHA. :PP

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