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Thursday, 19 May 2011

I miSS eM' biGGer *_*

I miss my BFFs hell much , and diorang also merangkap as monkeys housemates!Haha. That too much, But that we are! Kepala giler2 dan jenis tak kisah whatever panggilan atau ejekan masing2. Bak kata orang penuh dengan gurauan dan gelak tawa. Hehe. Pandai nye! Kami cuma berlima je dalam rumah 2. Tapi hiruk pikuk dah macam 15 orang!Giler!

Nisa is one of us yang selalu kena buli dan senang dibuli. Bella plak selalu kena kacau oleh insan seperti saya. Anis? she's my roomate tapi kami asyik gaduh je. HAHA..Tapi bukan gado betul2, hehe..Maybe it is the way how we show our caring. Haha. Pergaulan kami sangat kasar, perkataan 'giler dan sewaktu dengannya' is a must. Tapi bukan mencarut okay. :) Lagi sorang plak Asha, sering diejek di sebabkan fesyen rambut yang azali memang kerinting.Haha. Tapi dia tak kisah. Lagi sorang umat plak Nadia. Die bukan housemate kami tapi sering lepak di rumah kami seolah2 dia menyewa di situ gak! Haha. In case die menyewa sekalipun, bilik yang di tempatkan untuk die cuma kat toilet jer! Haha~!

Now diorang dah habis study. Sangat tak aci. Cos i'm in Food Tech and they are in Business. Course diorang 3 tahun jer tapi saya 4 tahun. Sangat la menyampah kan jadinya kan bila kawan2 dah habis tapi kita nak mengadap buku lg. Haish~

Remembering the time we spent together always make me smiles :) and hope to see them again. Anis, You are exemption ok. Rumah kita tak nak dekat plak kn. Huh! :P

                          Heyy guys, I truly miss lepaking at Murni, KJ, Lawang Sari, uptown! :)
                          Don't forget ok, we had a lot of fun together hiking Broga's hill (^_^)

What a beautiful scenery! :)

We are on the top of the hill ok.Amazing huh?

Nice pic :) Hope dapat hiking lagi for second time!

Another moment with them at padang MBSA for celebrating me and Nadia birthday. Hehe! :) We had so much fun playing UNO, ate KFC, Pizza Hut, Cake and camwhoring! That a must ok! What can I say. We are glamorous! :P

Date birthday me and Nadia dekat jer. So tue yang kena sambut same2 ngan minah petite tue. Haha! So how bout next year? NO KOMEN! T_T 

My advise for those too lazy to enjoy or celebrate birthday. Don't take your life so serious in 24/7. Bring into balance ok! Whenever there is something to celebrate, make sure it gets celebrate! Face it cos we are not getting younger so go and enjoy your day with your loved one, friends, or family :)

Okay, berbalik story kami, persamaan antara kami ialah kami semua sudah b'punya. Haha~ . Masing2 dah ade steady BF. Al maklum la sume dah makin dewasa kan. So tunggu jela antara kami sapa yang akan kahwin dulu yea. Tapi skang ni cam dah tau kan sapa yang mendahului. Haha. Nadia a.k.a hacks- Walaupun u younger a year than us. Tapi ko yang dulu eh. Hehe. Anyway i'm waiting your invitation card ~ :)

Here's a few pictures in our album 'kisah 1 malam' . :)

gedik kah kami? Haha. TIDAK ok!

Nisa, Nadia and me. Itu kek kami.. Tapi Nisa semak nak potong gak.huhu

We are seniors :)

Cantik kn mereka? Haha :P

To my gurlies - It's time for u all to step the working world as well. Good luck and be good ok :) time gaji jangan lupa i plak okay .Haha~~ LOL

                               Someday many years from now
                               We'll sit beside the candles glow
                               Exchanging tales about our past
                               And laughing as the memories flow
                               And when that distant day arrives
                               I know it will be understood
                              That friendship is the key to live

                              And we were friends and it was good

                                   - Eileen Hehl-

Psst ~ Start this entry and next2 tak mau 'spikang' sangat! Nanti di kate kan poyo lak. Hanis Zalika pon x spikang kan lagi saya kan..lalalala~ :P

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

who's this girl? (^_^)

Hye! This girl's name is Siti Nuradzmeen bt Adzman, which means be faithful forever. Haha..LOL~ . Joking! cos i don't know the meaning is. But this name is given by my parents so i proud of it. And, i hope this name become as famous as Mark Zuckerberg. Euiwww ~ ~ :P

Owh...before that assalamualaikum to everyone who read this simple blog (haha..forgot to wish salam).  Actually, I don't know what to say bout myself cos i don't think i'm a unique person. hehe (such a luminous). U can call me Meen or Amoi. Most of my friends from primary school call me Amoi. Oh no, i really enjoyed my primary school day and every single bit of it. ^.^

Ok. Let's skip that moments, another info bout me, I was born in Seremban and truly orang nogori even though i can't speak loghat nogori fluently .haha. That was pathetic right? T_T

Now, i studying in Bachelor Science (Hons) Science and Food Technology at Shah Alam. I love eating and hate cooking so much.haha. This course is suit to me! Don't being confusing, my course is not all about cooking, as  food scientista and food technologists, we study about physical, microbiological, and chemical makeup of food. We may develop ways to preserve, process, package, or store food according to specification. Hehe.What a long explanation!

Altough i'm science student, but i'm not nerdy. lalala~ FYI, I like a lots of things-normal things i guess. Hehe. The world is brilliant, I love fashion, shopping, perfumes, Korean dramas, novels, make-up, luxury car, and shoes!Phews~  :P

My character is cheerful, humorous, talkative and a cool laughing person.LOL~

Ok, that all about me. :)

           I'm just an ordinary girl!
         Sometime I'm lazy
         I get bored
         I get scared
         I feel ignored
         I feel happy, I get silly
         I choke on my own words
         I make wishes, I have dreams
         And I still want to believe
         Anything can happen in this world

* P/s - This is Hannah Motana's song- Ordinary girl lyrics. Check it out this song for more info!HAHA
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