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Monday, 26 December 2011

OMG.. I had problem with my Hazel....

Assalamualaikum peeps,

I kept watching this 2 months beings, I think I lost 2 followers, don't know who they are. Maybe skang nie I jarang post entry kan n tak active sangat. Never mind okay~ Don't have any right at all to force people~ :)

Hazel...Please be good to me okay..We have been together for a year and ++ months! Fine, for the first time I had you, I been proud of and handle with care to you..Never and ever hurt you, and scolding people who fall you down! I think it was my fault then when after 6 months am using you, I never appreciate your kebajikan, oftentimes you had fallen down to floor or jalan tar, hurting you with my long fingernails. Now your appearance doesnt look shinny and a bit rusting around your body! I'm so sorry okay. I didnt even noticed and realized before you make my life easier and capture my photo excellently without compromise.

Now, you had problem. and I'm so sad, you are not in good condition anymore. Please hazel, be a good slave to me just for a few months coming before I had enough money to buy another 'tip top' slave to replace you! HAHA!

Samsung Galaxy S2, or iphone 4 or nokia n9 or blackberry torch, do wait for me okay!

Psst~ Geram giler bila phone buat hal. I think my hazel got cable problem! When I sliding up. wallpaper will become blurry and back to normal when I sliding down or change to another menu. Oh Gosh! So deal with it..Sony ericsson  Hazel J20i ..don't end your life in this moments~ I really need you ....

Bye guys..thankz for reading ..

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