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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Immortals movie best ^_^


Haiyo..agk lama gak I yea tak update blog..skang nie sangat busy nak siap kan thesis final project, assignments berlambak2 lagi, slide untuk presentation final project lg..syushhh~ go away! spoil mood tol. HUH!

Nak release tension, so pe lagi, hang out then tengok movie kat sunway ( haish~ bosan..asik tempat sama jer) lalala~ stop merungut meen~  pilih2 movie pe nak we decide watching IMMORTALS. Sebelum nie kalo tengok movie I akan tengok reviews dulu..tapi untuk film nie have no idea at all what the story is really all about~  Tapi bila da tengok tuh. BEST tau! Lots of action and war..important thing is this film is derived with epic hype. haha! ( dislike romantic story).

This movie is starring by Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto ( she looks sexy and started envy her figure after watching this) and Mickey Rouke. Okay..let me summarize this story  :)
Hyperion (Mickey Rouke) which is The Heraklion King of Crete who declares war on Olympus after the Gods fail to answer his prayers to save his family from illness and and starts searching for the Epirus Bow, a powerful weapon created by God of War Ares. Hyperion attacks several holy places in search of the Epirus Bow, which was lost on earth during the last war between the Gods and the Titans, and after kidnapping a virgin oracle proestess called Phaedra ( Freida Pinto) to help him. Theseus ( Henry Cavill) is the hero in this story who bring peaceful and wanna kill Hyperion and war happened between two sides.At the end, Theseus was death and is welcomed Mount Olympus by the Gods for his sacrifice and is awarded with a son from his night with Phaedra.

Rate of this movie : I give 4 out of five :)

'greet session' camwhoring before entering cinema..HAHA :P

Psst ~~ thankz for reading guys, sory if by now on I couldnt update my blog more often due to busy of doing my thesis and studies..
                                                        ....SALAM MAAL HIJRAH ...
                         Semoga tahun baru nie membawa kita seribu rahmat dan keberkatan...

Bye -with love-

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