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Thursday, 6 October 2011

OverView : My Makeup ^_^


I think my entry today is more towards to girls readers! Hehe :)
Make up and women is very close tightly, some questions may promptly crossing in some of your mind sometimes right?  ~why is make up important ? n why do women wear makeup?~ here are common questions of what do people ask.

My answer is just like piece of cakes and simple! Make up does make a lot of difference even it's just light make up and give girls a boost of self confidence! ^_^

I admit I love makeup since I left secondary school after released of my SPM exam, a little bit late compared for girls apparently who advance in makeup so well since primary school. Haha! Maybe surrounding influence them in early age! I'm not kind of 'gerly girl' before okay, my attitude is more to tomboy side so that I don't even care of make up all about. Haihh!

For the time of maturity stages being ( Eiuuw~ ) take over me, so then I changed myself to how I look like now. Bkn plastic surgery okay! HAHA! Most of my friends from schoolmate ramai yang tak percaya I dah expert in fashion and makeup! :P

Orait then, I wanna share what brand of make up that I using to get gorgeous ( auuww ). Haha! ( perasan ). I bukan jenis yang makeup tebal tau,depends on what situation I had. :)

1. Using Za compact powder after applying foundation for UV protection. Za powder actually is blend smoothly and well to my face as long it's more to minerals ingredients and my face is more sensitive ( pimples growth ) if I using Maybelline, Loreal , Revlon  or the other products. Sometimes if I had bag eyes I prefer use Loreal liquid concealer! Hehe! Luckily I had fair skin so that preferable to me choose lighter color. 

Refill of Za foundation then I'll put it into Za casing. N/P is RM 39.90

2. Now for daily I'm using silky girls precision eyeliner. Affordable for me cos manjang cepat habis jer! I also have Revlon blueberry, Silky girls, Majolica Majorca brand as my eyeliners collection. For eyebrow I prefer Maybeline and silky girls, the others brand tak penah try lagi..Hehe!

3. I love Maybelline eye shadows, Majolica Majorca and Lancome. Seldom of using eye shadows cos I have to wear false eyelashes too unless for dating, or function to attend! Mascara I prefer using Maybelline or Loreal brand 

I rarely using this Lancome eyeshadows..Sgt syg nak pakai okay. Hehe! The color very impressive. I love it! Lancome Absolu Voyage makeup palette price is approximately RM 200 plus plus ! Kalah harga perfume I okay. Fuihhh~

4. I blushing my cheeks with Maybelline or in 2 it brand! I like pink color cos I believe this color will bring me up! Hehe :)

5. For my lips I prefer Maybeline water shine with pink color and Revlon velvet rose. This color is suit to my skin as well.

Psst ~~ Look like my make up brands are more to Maybelline! Haha! Maybe this brand is more cheaper and always have discounts at Watson. Haha! Owh no..My test ( Food packaging subject ) will be on this Friday. Haihh! Sempat lagi update blog. Wish me luck peeps! Bye~


A Crack Mirror said...

ala...awak ni tak pakai makeup pun da cantik kot.... tp kalau pakai makeup plus2 a cantek..untung+bestnye jd org cantek...kai apa pun ok jer tengok...

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

erk?? ~ choking ~ hm..x bse2 jer...x cntek mne pon..:) awk pon chntek gak

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