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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I won 3rd prize for Pamphlet Competition ^_^

Assalamualaikum peeps,

Hye..hye...I'm so happy today! Tak sangka I got 3 place in pamplet competition which the title is ' Food Around The World'..whereby I already mentioned on previous entry. 

Unexpected okay.. I tak menaruh harapan pon! Yela..sape la I kan compared the others pamphlet yang lagi creative and more informative. Whatever it is, so thankful to Allah for giving me this day :)

Lupe nak mention, I got plaque, certificate and Rm 80. Plaque tue cantek gak tau..Suke~ wee~

Nie la rupa pamplet saya.. Kire berbaloi la spend masa in 2 days wat sampai tengah malam..

Outside pages
Inside pages

Nie lak time majlis penerimaan hadiah.. Hu..I sangat selekeh..Kalo tau naek stage dah pakai lawa2 n vogue dah..lalala~ :p

Selekeh kan? Grrggh! btw, itu plaque nye..nice one~

With the other winners and AJK yang handle this competition. Boy sebelah I tuh yang dapat first prize. 

Owh no..Don't tell me that I look fat ~
Weee~ She's one of my bff .. Faizah.. De sapa2 nak kenal ngan die? Hehe

Psst ~~ Maybe next time de competition lagi, I nak masuk.. Haha! Yela.. Da sem last kan, baru la terhegeh2 nak masuk. Haha! Pasni I tak kan merasa experience once I da involve dalam dunia pekerjaan. University student 'world' is more fun and enjoy.. Trust me! ^_^

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