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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Real Steel movie..THUMBS UP ^ _^

Assalamualaikum guys...

Anyone yang dah tengok movie nie? I rate this movie 4.5 stars! Sangat best okay. This story is all about science fiction in 2020 which starring by Hugh Jackman! Owh! Muscles die sangat chantek! :P 

Story die pasal in future world, human have been replaced by robot in boxing. Charlie Kenton ( Hugh Jackman ) is a former boxer who attempts to get money in illegal boxing matches between robots to pay his debts to loan sharks. Charlie has a son Max ( Dakota Goyo ). This kid is quite cute okay! :)  Many bad  incidents happened in Charlie's life due his greedy attitude. One day, max falls over a ledge, where he is saved from the doom after being snagged by a lodged robot arm. Charlie take this robot back and found that Atom ( name given by Max ) has been designed to sustain massive damage. Time being, Charlie gets opportunity of match between Atom - Zeus ( strongest and powerful robot in the world ). At the end of story, Atom has become famous as 'The People's Champion' . Happy ending right? Besides that, this story showing bonding between father and his son.

Moral of the story that come across my mind is with good effort and believing yourself, you may get succeed in present life and hereafter. Hopefully ~ :)

Psst ~~ camwhoring dulu tau, was taken by Hazel J20i jer! Perasan tak sume pic nie amek side kiri, kanan n last sisi depan! Haha!
Poyos..Kat sunway jer kot..Shopping mall yang tak penah miss jejak dalam seminggu. Huhu!

Ok..Bye guys..Ramai2 pi serbu pawagam yang berdekatan tau.Korang tak kan rugi tengok movie nie.. ^_^

Thursday, 13 October 2011

7 orang muka sama kat dunia nie ?? I found one ~ HAHA! :D


Guys.. have a look this picture..Do I look alike her? Haha! One of my fwen gave me wall post profile  FB gurl nie..she thought yg I de FB lain..Sekali I tengok pon cam muke I.. Some of my friends pon cakap memang serupa. Haha! No wonder la, kan kita ada 7 orang muka yang sama kat dunia nie. So kira I beruntung la cos I da jumpa seorang! HAHA! 
So funny okay bila jumpa orang yang muka serupa ngan kita. Hehe :D
She's from Indonesian. Haha! Okay la kan, oversea gak tuh..( nak sedapkan hati ) ^_^

This pic was taken at 2009.  I letk pic nie untuk pndangan yang same dari arah tepi ..Yang penting cap stil sama ok warna putih...haha  :P

 ·  ·  · See Friendship · Monday at 7:13pm

    • Siti Nuradzmeen sme....kening len..pp len...n rmbut pon x sme...hahaha!
      Monday at 8:10pm · 

    • Nyssa Ju aah same mcm ko la tgkp pic n care senyum pon sme..untunglaaaa da jupe kmbr..
      Monday at 8:18pm · 

    • Siti Nuradzmeen hahaha! weh...len la giler! kning i kn lg sexy...auuww~
      Monday at 8:19pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Nyssa Ju same bengong!!kening len cite ke.??xde nfsu je ak tgk..haha
      Monday at 8:20pm · 

    • Siti Nuradzmeen hahaa...bengong nisa nie...ha..g add kmbar ak 2...itu sbnr nye ak tuh~ ZZZzz
      Monday at 8:22pm · 

    • Nyssa Ju die tuh indon kan??haha
      Monday at 8:22pm · 

    • Siti Nuradzmeen hahahaha! ne la ak tau ngek~ ke cm muke mix chnese mmg cm 2? ZZZzz
      Monday at 8:25pm · 

    • Nyssa Ju hahaa..ko la indon tuh..
      Monday at 8:26pm · 

    • Ella Arylla Ella jgn gado lak... nmpak same je..
      ye la kembar kan 6... so ni antara la...

      Monday at 8:29pm · 

    • Siti Nuradzmeen hahahaah! kak ila...die kwn akk ke? haha!
      Monday at 8:30pm · 

    • Ella Arylla Ella hehheh x de la... x tau np lak pic tu kuar.. terkejut gak, ingt min ader FB baru...
      Monday at 8:31pm · 

    • Siti Nuradzmeen hahahahaha~~~~
      Tuesday at 1:05am · 

    • Qila Azali Sama laa Meen!
      Tuesday at 7:55am · 

    • Siti Nuradzmeen hahaha..yola2...sme la tuh..
      Tuesday at 3:47pm · 

    • Syahidah Nafisah eh...sme cm meen la...<----xtipu..:)
      Tuesday at 6:37pm · 

    • Syifaa Nur haha.. t0l2..snym sme.k0 tiru die ea? hahah
      Tuesday at 10:31pm · 

    • Siti Nuradzmeen woiii...knp rmi sgt komen twin ak nih..hahahah~ nk wat plstic srgery la cmni..ZZZzzz
      20 hours ago · 

    • Ella Arylla Ella hehhehe jgn tp min lg cantik la ^_^
      19 hours ago · 

    • Syifaa Nur haha.. ari 2 kte nk ubah muke cam neel0fa
      17 hours ago · 

    • Siti Nuradzmeen hahaha~ la hans isc pndng ak..HAHA!
      17 hours ago · 

  • Psst ~~ Myb a lil bit diffrent, not totally the same kan..Hehe! Ok guys, semoga anda pon berjumpa ngan kembar msing2 juga k... :) 
    Bye ~
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