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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Such a picky eater =.=

Assalamualaikum guys..

Selamat berkunjung ke umah2 open house. Kire this month boleh saving la duit makan kan for those yang kaki makan luar. Haha!Yes..lot of varieties makanan yang di hidangkan termasuk jenis2 kuih raya. :)

I admit that I love food so much and love eating too, but the problem is I'm very picky eater. I have been a picky eater all my life I think, some of you might say 'you wanna lose weight, that why you may fussy whatever you eat' ..Owh no..I'm not kind of that! Actually, I try to force myself to eat anything I don't want to, badly I had vomiting all of sudden :(

During Hari Raya.. I just eating chocolate rice cookies, almond london, kerepek2, cornflakes and peanut cookies! That all ! Kalo ade batang buruk, tart nenas, suji n pape jela kuih yang berwarna putih..I tak kan sentuh sama sekali! Hm..don't know why, maybe dah set in mind kuih2 jenis cam tue tak sedap.
Bab juadah plak, I tak kan usik lemang dan  rendang daging. lemang wajib ok bila time raya, tapi bukan tekak nie..Haishh! Sangat rugi kan orang cm I. Huu :(

Bab kek plak, pilihan I kat secret recipe, tapi itu pon selective gak, I akan makan kek yang ade chocolate jer. Haha! Kalo kek tue tak salut ngan coklat, jangan harap mate nie akan pandang..So boring right?

Whatever it is, I still hepy even  I'm not foodventurous enough to try some of weird foods. I don't even care to find a way to get over my foodie habits. Haha! :P

Psst ~~ I'm just picky..not pickiest person okay..But sometimes bile b'kunjung ke umah orang, I akan rasa segan bila tak makan makanan yang di hidangkan. Selalu air jadi masalah, I tak suka minum air teh (teh O n teh tarik ) tapi tue la minuman yang selalu di hidangkan untuk tetamu kan? Haha! Sangat susahkan org bile terpaksa wat minuman lain khas untuk I :D

K..Bye. Take care


SimplySeoul said...

Yes makan free is so important during the Raya visits...Haha.

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

exctly..such juadah been special on eid nikmati nye..:D

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

exctly..such juadah been special on eid nikmati nye..:D

Syafiqa said...

Haha, lain orang, lain citarasa dia, btw have a try, maybe you'll love it :D

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

haha..tx 4 d advice..i'll try :)

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