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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tips to reduce arms and thighs size ^_^

Assalamualaikum peeps,

How's your weight loss been? Have you shed fat off during fasting? Haha! Time is fast running out and kurang dari seminggu jer nak Raya :)

Orait then, today I'm going give some tips how to reduce flabby arms and thighs! Don't know why skang nie some of my friends banyak tanya tips kat I how to reduce weight. Maybe diorang tengok weight I da kurang and more skinny than before! Haha! Yeke? Anyway, tips camne I losing weight, I da post kat entry sebelum nie, let's check this out k

For those pear shaped body, first priority is to reduce fat around hips, thighs ( refering to me ).  I also had flabby arms okay, I really wanna reduce them off and had my workout routines to tone them up! ( Chaiyok 2x )

My workout :

To reduce my thighs, I do squats and lunges exercise. I'm doing this work out for every night before bed. :) 
here few links for you to look out :

To tone up my arms, I tend prefer steps these both link, if you don't have dumbbell, you may choose second link.

Mesti pelik kan nape I banyak refer video Paul Katami, bukan sebab die hensem okay, he's actually a successful TV fitness and top trainer, kira kalo kat Malaysia nie Kevin Zahri la kan? :)

Important tips : Workout wat gak, tapi pemakanan kena jaga jugak okay. Tak semestinya bile kite b'puasa, berat mesti turun, consider what you eat if not you will gain your weight ! One more thing, jangan salah paham istilah jogging, x semestinya bila kite jog thighs kite akn kurus gak! Kena double effort la eh. Jog is a good way to stay fit and letting your muscles to move but if you had flabby or bigger at certain part, you have to warkout more! :) 

My tips :  During fasting month, I only taking small portion of rice ( 1/3cawan )  and eat more vegetables. Lauk yang lain makan macam biase okay tapi nasi kurangkan. Then, every night wat workout cam I cakap tadi. Senang jer kan nak kurus. Bukan susah pon. Hehe :)

Psst ~~ One fine day, I wanna be freelance consultant for those people need my advice to reduce their weight. No more free guys! Haha! :P  I think this kind of field is suit to me as long I'm taking Bc. Sc. and Food Technology so more advantages to me giving advice about nutrition of food :) Wish me luck :)
Freelance model still lagi dalam hati okay.. Hope that I will get second chance in modelling field  :)

Bye guys, selamat b'iftar ^_^


aMira~ said...

thank God! finally i found this type of entry!thanks for sharing the information pretayyy!

Siti Nuradzmeen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Siti Nuradzmeen said... pleasure..all bout my xpriences n shring for those pple had sme prob.. :)

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