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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Floria Putrajaya 2011 - Roses are forever -

Fuhh ~ Long time not write! Berhabuk blog nie! Hehe!

Guys.. Did you notice of events at Putrajaya? Owh. I really looking forward all activities events at there since I already went Hot air balloons couples months ago! Nak wat camne kan, kat Seremban tak de interested event macam nie sume. Huhu!

Last Saturday ( 16/ 7 ) I went to Floria which is theme for this year is ' Roses are forever'. What can I say of Floria Putrajaya is awesome. Flowers are everywhere and good smell. I think I was falling in love untuk tanam pokok bunga! HAHA! :P ( Hope so ).

For those who missed this year, you might go for next year cos this event is held every year okay! :)

Some of moments there :

Forever  ^_^

May I have this kind of garden on my desire patio? Hehe :)

^ _^

These roses impressed me as much as other roses I saw.

Creative kan? Sangat cantik :)
Pretty cool right? auuww! :)
Pretty awesome! ^_^

I wish I could have this pelamin exactly as pic ^_^

                                                        's me! HAHA

                                                              Am  I looking fat? sigh~

                                                                 Flowers all around me :P

                                                        n my bf  ^_^

                                               Thanks for the cactus and roses..haha :)

                                                 Credit to my bf for taking this pic well :)

 psst ~~ I love roses cos they appeal to all of the senses! ( jiwangs )  but doesn't mean I admire Guns n Roses band too! Haha! :P

Bye peeps~ Have a good day! ^_^


Nyssa Juhaizat said...

len kali hadiahkan ak ROS PUTIH k...lalalala

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

knp perlu ak?g mntk kt org len kot

Nyssa Juhaizat said...

ak xde org len...

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

ke cm bli sndr?then suh org kdi 2 send kt umh ko?haha :P

yie zhiel said...

xde sape2 saye bunga.....

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

haha..ayt x btol la..haha..nk bnga pe? ros?taik aym? seri pgi? huhu

nur said... walking here..singgah ler blog sy gak kat tgk bunga2 cantik mekar dlm cara berbeza ssuai utk deko umah anda...

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