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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Reading Novels..

Hye..I'm back and Assalamualaikum to you guys.. ^_^

Peeps..Do u like to read novels? It doesn't mean refer to girls only cos nowadays boys also love reading novels (termasuk adik I yang laki 2 siap ade koleksi novel die tau!Haha! ^_^

Are u agree to me that sometimes reading novel may take longer time to finish it?Haha! I'm one of this category okay. I'm not such kind of people who can read a novel fast. 2 days is fast enough for me! HAHA! Don't you dare pity me okay cos the fact is speed reading isn't much fun. Trust me!haha! :)

Moreover, I'm just read a novel once and maybe once in my lifetime! Hehe.I'm not kinda girl that will going to repeat it again..Haha! Then I will keep it nicely all my novels on my shelves till the dust come over and  agglomerate..Lalala~~

When I was young I was so addicted to goosebumps books and have a few collections for those books. 10 to 15 books maybe. Then, Ahadiat Akashah's novels become famous when I'm in primary school. Now years passed by way too fast, lots of novel you can buy in markets. So many author recently ( refer to Malays novel) like  'cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan'.

Orait guys, just forget what I'm mumbling just now cos now I wanna share with all of you bout my new novel. I'm just bought this novel but not really new sangat cos actually I bought this novel few months ago. As you know I'm kinda 'busy' person so this holiday is my opportunity to finish it out! The title is  'Cinta 3 Suku' and this story quite 'sewel' cos all bout sudden funny incidents between Iman and Arie. So many conflicts happen and senang cerita best la :)

Another novel is 'The Last Song' by Nicholas Spark. I'm sure most of you must familiar of this title right? This story has been adaption to movie which are starring by Miley Cyrus , Liam Hemsworth and Greg Kinner.  

Alright people..this story bout seventeen years old girl named Veronica "Ronnie'' Miller. Her life was turned upside down when her parents divorce and her father moved to Wrightsville Beach, North Carlifornia. So many things come over to her life until she meets Will, the last person she thought she'd ever attracted to, and find herself falling for him, which is opening herself up to greatest happiness, pain that she has ever known. This novel quite okay cos it's make me cry. :P

Okay..let's back to malay novels. The new novels that I also had are Hijab Sang Pecinta, Cinta Sufi, and Cinta Sang Ratu ( 3 tajuk nie ada sambungan, so that kire 3 episodes ). The author is Ramlee Awang Murshid (one of the well known writer). 

P/s ~ New novel available. 'Cinta yang Ku Rasa' by Anis Ayuni. Feedback novel nie sangat bagus..Hope so! I'm not buying yet cos ran of money. HAHA! Owh..anyone..lend me this novel.Hoho! T_T

Sudden info :P ~ Me and my bf had so much fun celebrated his birthday on 13/6. Putting his surprise together and had pretty much moments. :) Have a good care of 'that' okay ^_^


Nyssa Juhaizat said...

u know wat??ak nk pnjm nvel cinte 3 suku tuh!!!!ak ske!!plish2!!~

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

cium tapk kk ak dlu..bak kt nabil..bes bro!hahaha

Nyssa Juhaizat said...

ces..bak kt irma,alhamdulillah..
plish2..nk bc..huu
kite ad nvel 'cinte kau dan ak'..nk pnjm??huu

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

sp writer?bes x?novel bru ke 2?knp cm x pnh dgr eh..tipu ehhh.haha

Nyssa Juhaizat said...


Siti Nuradzmeen said...

knp cm nvel sndr tp x igt?x geti nk tgk?huh! kn sy dtg s.a..da 2 igt nk g umh da lupe kn..just sggah umh dia jer..huhu

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