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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Losing I did it!! ^_^


Tonight I wanna share with all of you how to lost weight fast. I admit that I'm so concern about my weight, but the fact is I'm not categorized as fat. Am I anorexic? HAHA! funny..definitely not okay..cos 'fat' people like me cannot be anorexic. Haha! :P 

Last semester break. I tried so hard to lost my weight, from 56 kg to 53 kg. Sangat puas hati okay bila dapat turunkan berat badan dengan usaha kita sendiri. For semester break kali nie, I already achieve my desired weight, 50 kg. Turun 3 kg lg..huhu!or maybe turun lagi ker..who knows! :)

Rasanye 50 kg dah cukup kot dengan ketinggian I nih ( 161 cm. Tapi hari tue ukur plak 164cm. Haha.Pelik..Tapi yang pasti nye 5 kaki 4 inci ). Bukan nye ape, bila dah kurus sangat nanti muka nie akan nampak cengkung dan pucat! Actually average height like me just nice jela if dapat maintain kan berat badan around 50 - 60 kg.

Okay..let's talk bout my diet, first.. I stopped eating fast food and all carbonated drink ( If that time I'm so craving.I will skip. Haha! 1 or 2 times just okay la ). I also made sure to input EVERYTHING I ate in mind to ensure that I wasn't eating much. 
Then, on weekdays, I'm going to lake garden at least 2-3 times a week for jogging. Besides that, I tried to eat rice once a day and drink water a lot though, it will give 'full feeling'. That all! Simple steps..isn't it?

Mentality should be change and it was very difficult to turn down food. But once you lost your weight you may felt good and amazing! ^_^
Let's do calculation okay :

Metric Imperial BMI Formula

The metric bmi formula accepts weight measurements in kilograms & height measurements in either cm's or meters.
1 meter = 100cms
meters² = meters * meters
Table: Metric BMI Formula
( kg/m² )
weight in kilograms
height in meters²

Calculate BMI & Find Weight Status

Table: BMI Weight Status Categories
BMIWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 -24.9Normal
25 - 29.9Overweight
30 & AboveObese

 **  My BMI in normal category. :)

The other calculation to know the ideal weight  :

                                         22 x ( height in m) 2 =

height in metre power of 2 2 sy 2 cacat sikit..haha!

             ex :  22 x (1.61 x 1.61) =  57 kg --->  my ideal weight! 
                   Hehe! But I'm still look fat in this weight..lalala~

Important tips :  makan nasi sikit..tapi lauk banyak tak pe ok..then lepas makan mesti timbang tau berat badan ( of cos la berat akan naik sekilo pas makan kan? HAHA). So that, dengan cara tue korang tak nak makan lagi! Try it okay! I always do this after eating. Setiap hari sampai 4,5 kali naik atas penimbang walaupun tak makan ape pun sebelum tue..lalala~~

psst ~~ Do you think my diet seems obvious? I'm not saying that my diet plan is the best way.'s depends on individual sama ade sanggup atau tak! Some people have to work extremely hard to be fit or thin.  Actually it also depends on metabolism and hormonal imbalance. Did u know that hormone keeps us fat? For some yang tak tahu.. I will write about this for the next entry. :)    

*** Hope you guys enjoy this new song 'the show goes on- Lupe Fiasco' ( top 10 in and hitz .fm chart)


nadia said...

mcm sy skrg da naek 2 kg kan.
untung la awk da trun berat.huu~

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

haha.bgus la dia..awk kn krus cm tiang lmpu...skng bpe bert awk?tips sy x ssuai utk awk k..cos itu khas utk dak gmok cm sy..haha

Nyssa Juhaizat said...

ak la underweight tuh~

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

smpi bl2 ko mmg x pnh normal pn ko..bye~

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