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Saturday, 11 June 2011

EnJoYinG tHe LeiSure time..Korean Drama! LOL~

Hye guys..are you still in holiday mood?Hehe! Don't being jealous okay for those yang dah bekerja.(Thumbs up) :P

Hm..since kemasukan student degree on this September, so i got a 4 months mid term holiday.Arks~~ I really don't know how to spend the time.

I wanna looking for a job but i can't cos now I'm in final year so that kena handle project sendiri time cuti ni sorang2. Takut bila dah bukak semester baru nanti clash plak kan ngan class. Kira nya ambik langkah awal la supaya tak kelam kabut kn?Hehe! But the fact is I'm such a last minute person.Haha! :)

Okay..I gonna tell you all bout my project later, next entry maybe :P 

Now i wanna share with u guys bout my activity. This activity not challenging enough k..Haha! What you have gonna do is open your laptop and watch the drama. But you have to download first la okay or copy from your friends, tapi kalo dah susah sangat beli jer DVDs k..HAHA!

As I mentioned before I love Korean dramas. Absolutely akan tengok drama made from Korea. Lalala~~ (very addictive drama) :PP
For those yang tercari-cari cerita ape yang best I will recommend to you guys Secret Garden. This is the one of the best drama that I saw. Huhu! Full of romantic comedy and fantasy drama! Awesome okay~ LOL~

Secret Garden starring by Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. This drama is about arrogant guy Kim Joo Won ( Hyun Bin ) yang tak sangka fall in love with a stuntwoman, Gil Ra Im ( Ha Ji Won ). One day, they went to Jeju Island and entered the strange house, where a weird grandmother offered them made alcohol to drink. The next day they found themselves in the other's body. Many things happened to them but at end mereka sangat bahagia. sweet..Haha! ^_^

Secret Garden wins a BAEKSANG award for the best drama of the year and Hyun Bin wins  a DAESANG  award. Cited from Secret Garden Korean Drama Official, Facebook.

It's a wonderful story ^_^

The other drama I'll like to recommend is You are Beautiful. OHH GOSHH! I really do love Jang Geun Suk. He looks amazing and super awesome..isn't he?? :P

Okay, let me simplify this story..Tae Kyung ( Jang Geun Suk) and other members in group are in search of new member for their idol group, A.N.JELL. However Go Mi Nam ( Park Shin Hye) suffers an injury at the last moment. So, Go Mi Nyu, which is his twin sister is asked to step in for her brother. Many incident happened that make Tae Kyung (arrogant person) fall in love with Go Mi Nyu. ^_^  ~ Amazement~

You Are Beautiful..Hey guys..Have a look this story okay. You will not regret :)

Look at him more deeply. His face look like Shamsul Yusof right? Haha! But he's more handsome and 'pretty' okay ^_^

The third story is Mackerel Run. Lee Min Ho berlakon okay. He's one of my favorite actor beside Jang Geun Suk. :)  

I think most of you know well Lee Min Ho right? He's hot talented and handsome!(absolutely)  aja!aja!fighting :P

Start minat ngan Lee Min Ho ni pun pas tengok drama Boys over Flowers couple years ago. During that time this drama become phenomenon at Malaysia huh? Best kan story tue? Hehe! Then terus minat Lee Min Ho sampai kan drama Mackerel Run nie pun I sanggup beli DVDs cos mamat nie berlakon. Haha! :P

Let's talk bout this story okay..kalo nak cakap pasal mamat nie memang sampai esok tak kan habis! Huh! This story is about life of high school yang giler2 and hilarious. The main casts are Lee Min Ho as Cha Gong Chan, Moon Chae Woon as Min Yoon Seo and Kwon Se in as Baek Hyun. Pelbagai konflik yang di hadapi oleh Cha Gong Chan sepanjang bergelar student and football player. Fyi. this is the funniest drama in my collections. ^_^

Lots of spontaneous comedy :)

Awesome story ~ Lee Min Ho looks really good in  a uniform school ^_^

Okay far 3 drama nie yang terbaru in my collections, that's why i highlighted more.  :) 

Tapi ada banyak lagi dramas yang best2 dalam collection I contoh nye Personal Taste ( I bought DVDs cos Lee Min Ho berlakon ~lalala) , Still Wants To Marry Me, Sungkyunkwan Scandal , Coffee House, dan banyak lagi (fatigue). Haha! I love Korean drama cos it offers me a nice dreams, simply plot, beautiful place and once I start watching it easy for me to forget the real world I living in okay.Haha..especially love story drama!LoL~~  

If some of you haven't and like Korean drama. WATCH IT NOWWW! HAHA! :P

Recent info ~ Jang Geun Suk on Utopia magazine (15/6) and cover page on HAI magazine!I loike ~ and I already bought okay! Haha :)

Psst ~ ~ I'm gonna watching Marry Me Mary- Jang Geun Suk' s latest drama  ^_^  


kel said...

aku dah view satu kali. mane nak baya nii

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

bank in kt maybank ak..ak cas ko Rm100 utk mmbership fee...hahaha

Andrik McVean said...

hi i have just followed your blog and i hope you can follow me too...

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