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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

who's this girl? (^_^)

Hye! This girl's name is Siti Nuradzmeen bt Adzman, which means be faithful forever. Haha..LOL~ . Joking! cos i don't know the meaning is. But this name is given by my parents so i proud of it. And, i hope this name become as famous as Mark Zuckerberg. Euiwww ~ ~ :P

Owh...before that assalamualaikum to everyone who read this simple blog (haha..forgot to wish salam).  Actually, I don't know what to say bout myself cos i don't think i'm a unique person. hehe (such a luminous). U can call me Meen or Amoi. Most of my friends from primary school call me Amoi. Oh no, i really enjoyed my primary school day and every single bit of it. ^.^

Ok. Let's skip that moments, another info bout me, I was born in Seremban and truly orang nogori even though i can't speak loghat nogori fluently .haha. That was pathetic right? T_T

Now, i studying in Bachelor Science (Hons) Science and Food Technology at Shah Alam. I love eating and hate cooking so much.haha. This course is suit to me! Don't being confusing, my course is not all about cooking, as  food scientista and food technologists, we study about physical, microbiological, and chemical makeup of food. We may develop ways to preserve, process, package, or store food according to specification. Hehe.What a long explanation!

Altough i'm science student, but i'm not nerdy. lalala~ FYI, I like a lots of things-normal things i guess. Hehe. The world is brilliant, I love fashion, shopping, perfumes, Korean dramas, novels, make-up, luxury car, and shoes!Phews~  :P

My character is cheerful, humorous, talkative and a cool laughing person.LOL~

Ok, that all about me. :)

           I'm just an ordinary girl!
         Sometime I'm lazy
         I get bored
         I get scared
         I feel ignored
         I feel happy, I get silly
         I choke on my own words
         I make wishes, I have dreams
         And I still want to believe
         Anything can happen in this world

* P/s - This is Hannah Motana's song- Ordinary girl lyrics. Check it out this song for more info!HAHA


nadia said... jd flwer awk skrg.huuuuuu~

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

thnkz hacks :)

Max_Rockafella said...

wahh.. da de blog la.. jadi la follower saye ye.. n_n

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

yea..da jd da follwer.. :)

MissSyaz said...

wow! mcm korea~ huhu

Siti Nuradzmeen said...


Nur Liyana J said...

mcm org korea la C= cantik n comel c=

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