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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Penang ^_^

Vacation!!! Hm..that the first thing in your mind when you have a long holiday break right? So..what are you guys waiting for? Hehe  ^_^

Ok..based on the title stated. I'm just back from Penang yesterday with my family. This is my second time visiting there. I think most of you had more experiences than me right? Hehe! For me, 2 days and 1 night was not enough for us exploring this magnificent island! :(

I wanna share with you guys about Penang food. I love eating damn much ok. So, it's true that the variety of food that can be found in Penang has perplexed everyone even the local. :) 
For those who seafood lovers will find place such as Eden Seafood Village which is a perfect place to enjoy fresh catch from the sea. :)

In Georgetown, there have many restaurant, shops selling delicious and hot Malaysian cuisine delicacies such as the famous one char kway teow, nasi kandar, pasembur, hainanese chicken rice and many others. If you walk along Penang street, there are many hawkers. The simply is Penang is dotted with many restaurant and varieties of food. That is why Penang is branded the food heaven in Malaysia. I guess! 

Pasembur?Haha! That quite funny okay when i had to pay high price for that dish. I think that was overrated and expensive just for Malaysian street food. Huh! The hefty price to pay for pasembur just for myself was RM 40. Sangat la menganga kan time bayar tue. HAHA!~ :P

Okay..stop talking bout food cos it making me hungry. Huh! =.=''
We went to Padang Kota Lama, Gurney Plaza, Bazaar Chowrasta to buy some pickles, Perangin Mall and others. Do you know that Penang is a fabulous shopping center and Queensbay mall is the biggest one. :))

Sadly that we didnt go to Batu Ferringhi, Fraser Hill. Never mind, hope next time we will go that places! :)

Our moments :

With my mum and brother. He's our tourist guide actually cos before this die study at Penang.  No wonder die tau tempat2 best :)
At permatang pauh. This monster wanna bite me. HAHA!

Ferry :)

Just 3 of us  ^_^

Lepak-ing at Perangin mall. This mall ok jela.

At Bazaar Chowrasta to buy some pickles as souvenirs. Sangat kusyuk!

Lepak-ing at Padang Kota sebelum pekena Pasembur . Hehe!

This is my youngest brother. Mau kenal? Umur 15 tahun 

Hye.It's me. 23 years old and not available. Sorry.:PP

All these things bought at Padang Kota. So far, keychain cmni x pernah jumpa at anywhere.  You can  put  any  abjad you want. It's free ok. Tapi harga keychain tue  Rm 4 only :)

psstt ~ I like Penang. Ok jela, but i hate traffic there. :(
Anyway I miss asam laksa..Sigh~ (hungry)  


siti nuradzarul aqmaar said...

u r in to fashion.i like ur mix and match green dress with cardigan n belt...

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

euiwww!:PP i will teach u k how to look amazing :PP hahaha!

Nyssa Juhaizat said...


Siti Nuradzmeen said...

pe yg untung eh sa?haha!

Nyssa Juhaizat said...

guess wat?...
ak da stat new without misery...
hmm..dun 4get to be my follower also..
i oredy hv my own blog~~~~juz click dis pic (nyssa juhaizat)...

Siti Nuradzmeen said...

orait my bff..i'll b ur follower... :)

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